LIGHTer offers

LIGHTer is a leading cross-industry lightweight agenda that effectively creates competitiveness on behalf of Swedish industry. LIGHTer is aimed at developing technologies, at developing people with a background in lightweight  technology and at developing environments in which lightweight expertise and people can develop.

LIGHTer offers:

- Technological development

- Competence development and PhD network

- Networks, forums and meeting places

LIGHTer is designed to create a framework for enhancing the development of technology and development of people with unique, multi-disciplinary skills to create lightweight products. LIGHTer will also offer international excellence within selected areas, providing industry with the conditions to be highly competitive.

LIGHTer officially started in March 2012 and activities are currently under way in all three of LIGHTer's offerings. LIGHTer has substantial and broad support with more than 100 stakeholder organisations.
LIGHTer membership programme started on 1 November 2013. Find more information here.